Kioti compact tractor for golf course maintenance
Golf course tractor

Kioti tractors for golf course maintenance

A powerful workhorse that makes you work more efficiently

The beautiful green fields, the wild roughs and the clean bunkers on a golf course certainly don’t come out of nowhere. It takes a lot of work to get them that way. That’s why, if you’re in charge of maintaining a golf course, you need some help if you want to work most efficiently. You need a powerful workhorse that helps with all the different tasks: a compact golf course tractor.

The great thing about a compact tractor is its versatility: you can use it for mowing, leaf blowing, trenching, hollow tining, raking, maintaining the bunkers and more. But besides this, a compact tractor offers a lot more advantages. Discover the Kioti compact tractors for golf course maintenance and find out what they can do for you!

Golf course maintenance: use a Kioti compact tractor for all the different tasks!

Why choose a Kioti compact golf course tractor?


As long as you have the right implement, you can use the compact tractor for whatever jobs that need to be done. On the golf course and around.

Easy to maintain

Thanks to the smart design of Kioti compact tractors, the parts that need the most maintenance are easily accessible.

Save time

All the work on a golf course gets done a lot faster with a compact tractor. That means you can spend your time on other stuff that needs to be done.

Lightweight tractors

Thanks to the light weight of Kioti compact golf course tractors and the wide range of specialist grass tyres that are available from Kioti, you don't have to worry about damaging the greens while driving on them.

5 years (3000 hours) warranty on all compact tractors!

Golf course maintenance: work faster and more efficient

On a day-to-day basis, mowing takes up most of the golf course maintenance time. With a Kioti golf course tractor, mowing goes fast and thanks to smart, flexible mowing implements you can even reach the more difficult parts of the course. Other kinds of maintenance, on and around the course, may sometimes hinder the golfers. If the work gets done faster, the golfers can enjoy their game again faster. Working faster and more efficiently means saving time. That, in turn, could mean cutting costs. A Kioti golf course tractor offers many advantages all around and is an indispensable part of your golf course maintenance equipment.

Some of the many great features of Kioti tractors

Find a golf course tractor that suits your needs

Discover all our different series and find the perfect tractor for your needs.

CS Series

Dynamic and compact
21-25 HP
Easy to operate, powerful and ready for a large variety of tasks.

CX Series

Versatile and powerful
24,5 HP

A tractor for all: all purposes, all seasons and all users.

CK Series

Flexible and comfortable
25–50 HP
Compact but powerful: the CK Series are the workhorse you’re looking for.

DK Series

Strong and reliable
45–60 HP
High-performance compact tractors with impressive power and smooth handling.

RX Series

Versatile and tough
73 HP
So many features that it’s up for anything.

HX Series

Powerful and dependable
103–125 HP
The tractor every large landowner or commercial farmer is looking for.

Need help finding the perfect tractor?

Thanks to our elaborate dealer network throughout the UK, there is always an experienced dealer close to you that can give you advice about the right choice for you.